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Marsha McLean 2014

Dear Santa Clarita Neighbor,

You elected me four years ago and I have been your FULL-TIME councilwoman, available every day to answer your e-mails, speak to you by phone, visit with you at City Marsha McLean For Santa Clarita City Council 2014Hall or stop to chat with you while out and about in our community.

Unlike many cities in California, Santa Clarita is in great shape with a balanced budget and a 17% reserve.   I have been working with the community on major concerns such as traffic, overcrowding, parks, open space and youth and safety programs – and I have PROVIDED SOLUTIONS. My extensive background working with county, state and federal legislators, my active involvement in non-profit organizations and my experience as a businesswoman have given me the ability to develop partnerships that create positive results for our community.

I led the fight to keep the world’s largest garbage dump out of our pristine Angeles National Forest in Elsmere Canyon, at the gateway to our city, keeping 2,400 truck trips a day from clogging our freeways.

Each day I work to ensure that development inside and outside of city limits brings exceptional benefits to improve and expand our roads, parks, schools, libraries, hospitals and safety programs, while increasing our economic viability, protecting existing neighborhoods and preserving open space.  Transportation issues are important to our community and our City has invested over $250 million in new roads and improvements such as signal synchronization and new technologies in answer to residents’ concerns about congestion.

It is an honor to have the support of firefighters, law enforcement, educators, business owners, legislators and environmentalists.

Anyone can identify the issues and CLAIM to fight for your interests.  Over the past four years, I have been committed to serving our residents, fighting overcrowding, improving traffic circulation, improving public safety and preserving our environment and quality of life.

With your vote, April 8, 2014, I promise to continue working FULL TIME for the citizens of Santa Clarita!  Your vote is more important than ever to make sure we continue to enjoy the quality of life we deserve.  Please VOTE FOR Marsha McLean.  Any questions?  Please call me at 661 255-1259 or contact me by using the form below. 

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