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Marsha McLean 2018

City of Santa Clarita Mayor Pro Tem

You elected me four years ago and I have been your FULL-TIME Councilwoman,
Available EVERY DAY; responding to your concerns regarding Traffic, Overcrowding,
Parks – Open Space, Youth and Safety and I have PROVIDED SOLUTIONS.

  • To ALLEVIATE Traffic Congestion, Invested Over $300 Million
    in New Roads and Improvements;
  • ENSURED Balanced Budget – INCREASED Reserves – Maintaining
    City of Santa Clarita’s Economic Stability – Saving Taxpayers’ Money;
  • EXPANDED Law Enforcement, Drug Prevention and Safety Programs
  • OBTAINED from Builders BETTER Projects with more Open Space –
    While Reducing Impacts to the Environment and Older Communities;
  • NEW Parks and Trails – Increased Sports Fields – Youth Centers;
  • PRESERVED FOREVER: 9,360 Acres Open Space; 1,420 Acres Santa Clara River
  • EXPANDED Hospital Facilities;
  • INCREASED Library Services and Programs
  • PROVIDED funds for new S.C.V Senior Center. Senior Services; Senior Housing
  • CREATED Arts Commission to Support Cultural Arts;
  • ENSURED Creation of Veterans’ Historical Plaza;
  • Representing EQUALLY Canyon Country – Newhall – Saugus – Valencia;

BACKGROUND: Environmental Analyst – 38 years Community Service –
Active Membership/Service – 18 Non-profit Organizations

Extensive EXPERIENCE: Schools, Law Enforcement, Traffic Issues, Open Space

LED the Fight to Keep World’s Largest Garbage Dump Out of Our Angeles National Forest at Gateway to City of Santa Clarita

SUPPORTERS Include: Firefighters – Law Enforcement – Veterans – Seniors – Educators –Businessowners – Environmentalists;

With your vote, I promise to CONTINUE Working FULL-TIME for the Residents of Santa Clarita – Phone 661 255-1259 –