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Marsha McLean 2018

Marsha has been on the City Council since 2002. She was re-elected in 2006 and 2010 receiving the highest number of votes both times. Marsha served as Mayor in 2007 and 2011.

Through Marsha’s outreach and attendance at conferences and forums, Marsha was able to strike up a relationship with the California High Speed Rail Authority CEO, Jeff Morales, and invite him and his staff to come out to actually take a look for themselves at the impacts their proposed route would have on homeowners, schools and churches in the Sand Canyon area. During the tour, it was made clear that the only solution to the devastating impact of the train would be to extend the proposed tunnel an additional two miles. After stating that the personal tour made it clear to them of the impacts, they stated they would approach the Board of the CAHSR Authority to add another alternative to the EIR which includes the extension of the tunnel. If Marsha had not been able to personally meet and invite the top level of the CAHSR Authority to visit Santa Clarita, they would have never agreed to consider the alternative.

  • Another important contact for Marsha is the New CEO of Metrolink, Michael P. DePallo. Marsha was able to personally invite him to come out to Santa Clarita for a meeting and tour for him and his staff to see for themselves the need for additional trains for local commuters. After approximately 10 years of Marsha’s advocating for more Metrolink Service for Santa Clarita, the groundbreaking finally took place for the new Bob Hope Airport Station on the Antelope Valley Line. Marsha’s un-wavering work towards this goal played a very large part in this milestone. 50% of residents commute out of the Santa Clarita Valley every day and are faced with grid-locked freeways. Adding additional Metrolink Trains on the Antelope Valley line is essential for increased choices for residents going to and from high-paying jobs. In the month of August train service on the weekends was doubled and schedules were changed to accommodate travel for recreational tourism to and from Santa Clarita.
  • Marsha was appointed by the President of the Los Angeles Division of the League of California Cities to represent the Division on the Resolutions Committee at the upcoming Annual State of California League Conference. It is particularly significant this year because the L.A. Division is sponsoring a resolution on funding for water solutions. Marsha continues to make sure residents and businesses will not be stuck with unnecessary taxes and fees imposed by the L.A. County Regional Water Control Board without scientific evidence to prove claims of harm to crops downstream from Santa Clarita. Marsha was approached to serve on the pending Committee to study the so called Clean Beaches Measure proposed by the County of Los Angeles.
  • Marsha may be extremely busy on regional issues, but serving the residents of Santa Clarita is also a top priority. Marsha personally answers all e-mails sent to her and makes sure all concerns are responded to in a timely manner. Actively working to help local non-profits is important to Marsha. This past year, volunteering for SCV Habitat for Heroes, Marsha helped raise over $60,000 to help fund the new Habitat for Heroes housing project in Santa Clarita.
  • Marsha served as the Chairperson for the inaugural SCV Senior Center Touch-a-Truck fundraiser – the first ever family oriented senior center event. Not only did she set the tone for the new annual event for the senior center, but the net total profit was over $10,000. Marsha doesn’t just attend fundraising events for non-profits, she actively participates on the committees, attending meetings and personally working the event – such as the Celebrity Waiter Fundraiser event and working at the Boys & Girls Club Auction. Marsha initiated the Food Pantry City Food Drive when she was Mayor and it is still taking place as a yearly event.

Marsha’s influence extends to Regional Organizations on behalf of the citizens of Santa Clarita. Her continuing attendance and contacts at the League of California Cities has proven invaluable in making sure the City of Santa Clarita is in the forefront of legislative action with regards to protecting local taxes and resources. She has successfully had Resolutions passed while serving as the Chair of the Community Services Policy Committee to support the health and welfare of seniors, young people, law enforcement, libraries and public safety. While serving on the Board of Directors of the State League, she was successful in having a Resolution passed to have the League, made up of 488 statewide cities, look into water issues that directly impact the unwarranted fines imposed by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Board. This fight is ongoing and Marsha was successful in asking for and receiving a meeting with the Top Aide in Governor Brown’s Office to look into the unfair practices of the Regional Water Quality Board, with assurances made by the Governor’s Aide that there indeed needs to be steps taken to resolve these issues.

Marsha’s influence also extends to Regional Boards, Joint Powers Authorities, Coalitions, the SFVCOG and Transportation Authorities, continuously advocating for solutions to traffic and transportation issues that we all face. Marsha has been consistently citing the need for better Metrolink scheduling and working closely with Supervisor Antonovich’s office, and as a Director on the Board of the Eco-Rapid Transit Authority, there will finally be a Hollywood Way Metrolink Station that will provide Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita residents a direct train to the Bob Hope Airport. The new station is slated for a 2014 opening.

No one is more aware than her family of the hours, days, months and years that Marsha spent making sure there was no landfill ever built at the gateway to our City. The fact that in July 2012 Elsmere Canyon was annexed into the City of Santa Clarita and will be permanent open space instead of a landfill did not happen by accident. Marsha started the fight twenty-five years ago and ended the fight with a celebration, thanking all of the hundreds of volunteers, organizations and legislators that worked with Marsha and saved our City from a potential disastrous nightmare.